Battlefield: Hardline

If you're a Battlefield fan, chances are the last few days you've heard rumors circulating about the next Battlefield game already. Well, it's safe to confirm that it's happening. After the initial leak, followed by a leaked trailer (which has been removed), EA took the reigns quickly and updated their website to include Battlefield Hardline and have stated that more can be learned at E3 this year.

What we know so far is that during the leak, it was discovered that Hardline will divert away from the typical Battlefield formulas and essentially be a game dedicated to the 'cops and robbers' idea. So far we know that there will be bank robberies, hostage situations, and getaways but not much else. To many, this sounds like Payday:The Heist in some aspects, but the police officers are actually player controlled; there's no real getting around that. That being said, the idea of Hardline so far has been generally praised by the community, with of course wary skepticism due to the rough launch of Battlefield 3 and 4's having nearly-crippling server issues in their beginning months.