State Of Decay: Lifeline Ahead Of Schedule

State of Decay, the zombie survival title from Undead Labs, was on track to have the new DLC Lifeline release sometime next month last time it was reported on. However, the developers must have been working around the clock and some extra because as it would turn out there has been an exciting development.

Revealed today in an in depth launch trailer, it would seem that Lifeline will now be released May 30, 2014. You read that correctly, it will be dropping for both the Xbox 360 and PC this Friday. Happy hunting, zombie lovers.

Lifeline is the second DLC to be released for State of Decay, which takes place at the beginning of the outbreak seen in the original game. Players take on the role of a military unit in the city of Danforth, a dense urban sprawl, in the early days of the outbreak attempting to evacuate civilians and stop the spread of the infection.