Watch Dogs Launch Trailer Goes Live

Watch Dogs, the new IP from Ubisoft Montreal is only days away from launch now. On the radar since 2012, Watch Dogs has been promising a story driven experience backed up with top of the line gameplay including venturing into an entirely new aspect for open world games, hacking and using the environment to suit your own ends. In just a few short days, players on PC, and all consoles (except for the Wii U, that version is coming later this year), will be able to step into the role of Aiden Pierce on May 27th.

A man out for revenge and what he views as justice, players will be able to make Aiden a symbol of hope or a warning of terror as they take on the Chicago streets of the not-so-distant future. The launch trailer shows us some new footage, however it doesn't exactly show us anything new as a whole. It does however set the tone for the action we can expect from the game. What remains to be seen, is if Watch Dogs will become the next big thing in gaming or if it will meet a firewall in it's own design and ambition.