The Game Everyone Has Been Waiting For!

Moneyhorse has released a trailer for a game that will change the face of videogames for all time. A tale so full of wonder, so full of ambition, and so full of unbridled masculinity that it can only be about one man. That man? Kim Jong Un, the 'Glorious Leader' with no equal of the great nation of North Korea! Watch as the progress of the 'Glorious Leader' plays out to give the world a taste of what is to come, because no one can stop the tag team abilities of Kim and his trusty sidekick, Dennis Rodman. I know you're reading this, and thinking it's a joke... the praise for Kim Jong Un certainly is, however the game itself is not. Enjoy!

Glorious Leader will be available on PC, tablets, and phones 'soon'. Hopefully they don't take too long, Kim Jong Un waits for NO MAN!