Space Engineers Rockets To 500,000 Copies Sold

Space Engineers, a game that has been in Steam's Early Access program since late last year, has reached over 500,000 copies sold and climbing. Keen Software House, the developers of the title, were very glad to share the news. In fact, they were so excited that they've released a video showing off how far the game has come in a few months, and they've even gone as far as to show us just what some of the players have made. Some of them are truly thought provoking and definitely serve to get the creative minds working.

CEO of Keen Software House, Marek Rosa, stated the following;
“We are very excited to celebrate this milestone with our fans, whose encouragement and active participation made this possible,” ... “As an independent developer, finding an audience of this size, with this kind of support for our game – even while the product is still in development – is incredibly inspiring. The fans, with their limitless ideas and passion, continue to push us to improve, add features, and develop innovations that our community deserves.”

For those of you who have never played, or quite possibly never heard of Space Engineers, here is a brief summary. Space Engineers is a Creative/Survival crafting game set in space that let's players build all sorts of different ships and space stations of their design and pretty much anything they can come up with as well. In the Creative mode, you can do all of this with nothing more than an idea and some crafty working. Survival mode, you're much more focused on resource conservation and longevity rather than building the coolest looking ship you can. It's also a game steeped heavily in trial and error, as your creations can take damage and will easily be destroyed if you are not careful, negating all that work you put into it.