Ready For More Outlast? Whistleblower DLC To Release Next Week.

Are you ready to see the events that lead up to the horrors of the Mount Massive Asylum incident? Are you ready to traverse the halls of madness as everything that could go wrong, did? Well your wait is almost over, as Outlast's first DLC entitled Whistleblower will be available for download for the PC and PS4 on May 6th with the price tag of $8.99.

In the new DLC you take on the role of Waylon Park, an employee of the Murkoff Corporation that runs the facility, and upon discovering the atrocities being committed leaks the information to the outside world, which effectively sets up the story for the main game itself. However, rather than being just a prequel, the developers at Red Barrels have stated that it stretches past the end of the main game itself and reveals a true final chapter players may not have been expecting.

Are you one of the players willing to dive into the madness a second time?