Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure Delayed!

In 1989 players were first introduced to Tex Murphy, a throwback to all the great detectives both fictional and real, in the futuristic title Mean Streets. Combining the 1940s with the distant future, this kickstarted a series of games that would go on to be a cult favorite until 1998 where Tex seemingly made his final appearance in Tex Murphy:Overseer before signing off. When the kickstarter for a new Tex Murphy game was created, it was hardly a surprise when it met it's mark and the time to get your detective gear back on is nearly at hand as Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure is nearly here!

However, you will have to wait a little while longer because there has been a brief delay by two more weeks. But the developers are in good spirits about it, the image shown in the header was released by Big Finish Games via their facebook when the delay was announced and it's a true statement, if somewhat frustrating for people waiting. So be ready old fans and newcomers alike, because your wait will be over soon.