Worry No More PC Gamers! Watch Dogs Still Looks Gorgeous!

In the wake of much recent controversy regarding the graphical downgrade for the console versions, the sudden revelation of multiplayer, and speculation over the reasons for why the game was delayed for so long, Ubisoft has made a move. Shifting focus from the often talked about console versions, usually focusing on the Playstation 4, they've revealed footage of the PC version of Watch Dogs finally.

Generous eye candy is something PC gamers always look forward to, and Watch Dogs does not disappoint. However, where the game matters most is in the fun factor and how well built it is. With so many new gameplay mechanics surfacing in this game, Watch Dogs remains an ambitious title which could climb to greatness, or suffer from it's own goals. Watch Dogs is set to release across all platforms, excluding the Wii U, May 27, 2014.