GameSpy Shutting Down

If you've been playing PC games that offer an online service, it's more than likely that at least once you've used GameSpy. GameSpy has been around in several different forms since the mid 1990's, and like many services from that time period it peaked long ago. Becoming less and less prominent over time, GameSpy still managed to pop up here and there as more of the industry diverted to different means of online services.

After years running, Glu Mobile the owners of GameSpy have announced that as of May 31, 2014 it will no longer be functioning. While at first, many may not be sad to see them go there is a problem approaching in it's wake and it is the same problem that will arrive when Games for Windows Live shuts down this year; many games that still have a fanbase will be unable to be played online unless the developers/publishers of individual titles using the services make an alternate way to play online.

So far, Bohemia Interactive is the only company using the GameSpy service to comment on how they will be handling the shutdown, stating the following;

"This is going to affect multiplayer in our games that use Gamespy for matchmaking, cd keys authentification and NAT traversal from Arma: Resistance to Arma 3. We are planning to introduce an alternative solution using Steam to Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead and Arma 3 users.

"Other games (Take On Helicopters, Arma 2, Arma 2: Free, Arma, Arma: Cold War Assault) will have more limited multiplayer experience with loss of server browser, cd key authentification and NAT traversal systems. That said, direct IP connection to servers should work even after Gamespy services are no longer available."

If you use a game that uses GameSpy, keep an eye on the websites of the developers and publishers of the individual titles to see if they have any plans to continue service through alternative means after May 31.