Daylight Delayed

This week it was revealed by the developers of Daylight at Zombie Studios that the title Daylight would be delayed until April 29th. The reason for the delay is an effort on part of the developers to make Daylight's procedurally generated environments have more bite to the horror elements, specifically those which pertain to the activation of sequences meant to scare the players.

"In a lot of ways it really helped the team by streamlining the environment creation, but it's taken extra time to make sure all the scare cues are [working] properly."

Daylight was originally slated to release April 8, 2014 but players will now have to wait a few weeks longer for their scare fix from this particular title. However, on the flip side, from now until the release date you can pre-order Daylight and only pay $9.99. The price will return to $14.99 upon release.