Need Caffeine?

In the midst of all the jokes that bogged down actual gaming news yesterday, few real developments did manage to make their way to light. One such story, was the revelation of a fundraising campaign for a game entitled Caffeine developed by Dylan Browne which was posted to Indiegogo. Unlike the caffeine you are used to, this is no cup of coffee or glass of tea. Caffeine is a Sci-Fi horror title running on the Unreal 4 engine, and though the teaser offers little more than dimly lit hallways and a sense of being watched, it gives a small taste of what's to come.

The brief description of the game says that Caffeine is set in 2097 where the world is dealing with a population crisis, and apparently caffeine has become the new drug of choice throughout humanity's settlements among the stars. Whether or not this is actually caffeine or not, or slang for a sci-fi related drug was not mentioned.

More specific details include the following;

There will be no weapons in Caffeine but you will be able to use the environment around you.

Scattered around the environment there will be a mass of notes, audio logs and clues to what the employees at the station were up to and what was going on in their lives, hopefully creating a great deal of lore for the world of Caffeine.

Caffeine started out as an Unreal Engine 3 game but is now being built upon the power of the brand new Unreal Engine 4 which gives me the freedom to push the limits of visual fidelity and game play.

Taking inspiration from Doom 3, Condemned and FEAR 2, I plan to create a chilling, often unsettling game with some amazing visuals and a great interesting storyline to go along with it.

UPDATE: Caffeine will be 100% DRM Free!

While intriguing, and certainly an ambitious premise, the title has already received some criticism since the revelation yesterday due to the simple fact that unlike a project initiated through Kickstarter, those who choose to donate to the project on Indiegogo will not recieve refunds should Caffeine not meet it's mark, which at the moment is sitting near $74,000 USD.