Shelter 2 Announced, Become a Lynx August 2014

This morning Might and Delight unveiled a new teaser trailer for the newly announced Shelter 2. The first game had us taking on the role of badgers trying to maintain their survival, while the sequel seems to have moved up the food chain and put us in control of a family of Lynx.

While the 55 second teaser doesn't show off much other than the eye-candy artistic style and the mandatory mewing of a young kitten in the pack to entice a "D'awwww how cute!" wave of comments from many gamers out there, it certainly seems like a game to keep an eye on for upcoming developments. Survival simulators are a dime a dozen these days, those that have this much of an artistic flair and put you in control of an animal are an entirely different story.

The initial title in the Shelter series received mixed reviews from critics and users alike, averaging in at 69 from professional reviews and 7.2 from user reviews listed on Metacritic. Only time will tell if Shelter 2 will receive a better reception by the gaming community.