Could Goat Simulator Be The Next Emotionally Gripping Title?

Yesterday, the quirky upcoming title Goat Simulator from Coffee Stain Studios premiered its' launch trailer on YouTube and across the web. Arranged to be a parody of the original cinematic trailer for Dead Island that had the game world talking, the launch trailer for Goat Simulator had me grinning at some times and outright laughing at others. Many people are still asking what the point of this game is? I think that's precisely it; there is no point.

From everything shown of this game so far, this simulator is anything but as you take control of this otherwise unsuspecting animal. Footage shown since the game's announcement have involved ragdolling your goat through windows, tripping humans, walking into traffic, things of that nature. But even more interesting, and fitting only in a game like this, is that the developers only plan to fix glitches that cause the game to crash as stated by co-creator of the game Armin Isbrisagic in a recent article on arstechnica, “I’m only fixing crashes,” he said. “Everything else is totally hilarious, so we’re keeping it.”

As you may or may not know, Goat Simulator originally was supposed to be a joke but in a surprising turn of events there was an outcry in the gaming community that convinced Coffee Stain Studios that it had to become official, it was time for Goat Simulator to become a reality. In a market quickly becoming saturated with simulator titles over the last few years, ranging all across the spectrum of quality, Goat Simulator looks like a friendly jab to all the others presented in a way that may actually have you considering spending $9.99 to live out your hidden fantasy of being a destructive, otherwise mundane animal.

Goat Simulator is set to be released for download through Steam on April 1,2014, and no that's no April Fool's joke. However, if you pre-purchased through the developer's website you can begin your goat adventure as early as March 28th!