Nvidia's New Monster: The GeForce GTX Titan Z

On March 25,2014 at the GPU Technology Conference, CEO of Nvidia Jen-Hsun Huang had jaws dropping with the unveiling of an upcoming product that they've wisely named the "Titan Z". While it was stressed that this is more for commercial use than home use, with these specs one still can't help but wonder just how amazing or how much overkill this product will offer gamers and developers alike in the coming years.

With a price tag currently sitting at $3,000, it is very unlikely that the majority of the gaming community will ever do more than lay their eyes on the Titan Z from afar. For developers at large, however, the Titan Z looks to be the next big thing and that alone seems to be enough worth praising this product for.

With two Keplar GK110 chips, a total of 5,760 processing cores (or as they put it 2,880 cores per GPU), 12GB dedicated video memory, and confident words that they've balanced it properly so that neither GPU causes a bottleneck which would hinder the overall performance of the Titan Z, Nvidia once again has the full attention of gamers and game developers alike.

Nvidia representatives have made the comment to expect more news on the Titan Z "soon".