Ubisoft Announces Free-to-Play Ghost Recon Title

Obviously realizing the opportunity the free-to-play shooter gaming market represents Ubisoft is getting in on the action with one of their marquee franchises: Ghost Recon. The online title will stay true to the franchise with third-person, cover-based combat in the Ghost Recon multiplayer world.

Developed by Ubisoft Singapore Ghost Recon Online promises to deliver the most social and unique entry to the series. The game gives players the chance to pick from three different classes of Ghost, customize weapons, deploy military drones and vehicles as well as share intel with teammates. Ubi promises to support the game with regular events, updates, content based on community feedback and live support.

Ubisoft hopes to bring a unique experience to players by presenting the graphical prowess of retail titles in the free-to-play format.

The game will be free to play for everyone but players can purchase premium items to fully customize their experience if they feel the need to.

An announcement trailer has been released along with some screenshots:

We are anxious to see how well a major shooter franchise will be as a free-to-play game. Maybe we'll get the chance to find out because Ghost Recon Online launches in closed beta beginning this summer.