Albert Ng Rebuffs Uncharted 3: World Of Deceit

Albert Ng Rebuffs Uncharted 3: World Of Deceit

It certainly is a "World of Deceit." As we broke earlier today Amazon France listed "Uncharted 3: World of Deceit" on their website. What followed has been a roller coaster of stories and opinions. We updated the article with a link to a "concept designer" who's work for an "architecture class" seemed to disprove the entire thing. It was discovered that this man, Albert Ng, worked for a company called Tyler West Studio. This studio creates conceptual art for game companies, one of those companies being Sony Computer Entertainment, the publishers of Uncharted. This news added fuel to the fire that Mr. Ng's work might legitimately be for the next Uncharted.

Now to top it all off Albert Ng has gotten back to us and is ready to clear the air on the entire issue.

Albert Ng (in an e-mail to Hooked Gamers):

I'm sorry to say, but the artwork referenced in the article that is mine isn't for the new Uncharted 3 game, but was for an architecture class I took earlier this year. For the assignment, I was asked to take an existing Intellectual Property and come up with new levels for it, so I had decided to try my hand at Uncharted since it was the game of the year and wanted to work for Naughty Dog. I had clearly stated that in a caption on the bottom of my post to hopefully clarify things for viewers, but I guess it was looked over by amazon france. With that said, all the work on my blog site was created by me and it has no affiliation with the Uncharted team or Naughty Dog and their projects whatsoever. I apologize for the impression and mix up it has given. Thanks.

- Albert

Albert Ng has added:
As for my work for Tyler West Studio, i've worked as a contracted concept artist for him on various projects which I can't reveal because of a non disclosure agreement, but I can fully confirm to you that I didn't not by any means work for the Uncharted series.

It seems the matter is now closed. However, I must admit I am still skeptical. It just seems like one two many coincidences. If it was just the Amazon France listing I could brush it aside as incompetent employees at Amazon but the fact that the studio Albert worked for creates art for Sony makes me think twice before writing this off just yet. Though, for right now we will take Albert's word for it and call this one busted, but leave the file open... we might come back to this one.

Either way it is quite clear that Albert is very skilled, both as an artist and as a title generator; I mean is there a better name than "World of Deceit"? Maybe with all of this coverage Albert will get that job with Naughty Dog, he certainly deserves it based upon this work.

For now we toss this up for you the reader to decide. Tell us what you think, was all of this a misunderstanding or is Mr. Ng hiding the truth?

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