Petroglyph announces Grey Goo RTS

Petroglyph announced a new RTS game titled Grey Goo that promises to "breathe new life into the RTS genre by blending classic, established gameplay mechanics and tropes with modern design tools and technology to create a thoughtful, exhilarating strategy experience."

What that means, your guess is as good as mine, but maybe you can draw some conclusions from the announcement trailer that accompanied the press release.

"Grey Goo features three distinct factions - the Beta, Humans and Goo - each with its own truly distinctive style, strategies and “epic” units (very powerful, rare combatants that tower over the battlefield). Both single and multiplayer modes require diligent planning and intelligent decision making to capitalize on the sophisticated build tree system and multiple tech upgrades available. Built from the ground up based on real-world Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) concepts, Grey Goo’s adaptive AI studies and reacts to players’ actions, learning rather than running off scripts for a truly unique play experience and near-infinite replay value. In short, every game is different."

Big words, but if true, we may end up with a truly novel RTS. Petroglyph has been having a hard time in recent years, but perhaps this oddly titled RTS will prove to be a turning point.