The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing gets a Arcane Mechanic

We're not big fans of DLC, but we've got to hand it to Neocore that they know how to spice up an already spicy game.

The Arcane Mechanic is a new character class for The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing that can be picked up from Steam as of today. As the title suggests, the new class focuses on the mechanical side of monster vanquishing, adding new gear, skills and unique perks as well as traps and your own mechanical henchmen. Best of all, it extends the singleplayer campaign with two new maps and some new quests to boot.

"Did you think that Weird Science was your enemy? You were right! But you can always fight fire with fire, as the saying goes. The Van Helsing: Arcane Mechanic DLC now allows you to play a specialist class, the master of weird devices, deadly gadgets and arcane machinery: engulf those monsters with poisonous fumes, scorch them with deadly tongues of flame and rip them apart with powerful explosives or simply deploy mechanical allies and traps and let them do the rest. When you can rely neither on swords nor magic, show them the power of SCIENCE!"