Stardock announces Galactic Civilizations III

One of the best 4X space games is finally about to return. With very little words but an all-saying trailer, Stardock announced Galactic Civilizations III.

Stardock would not be Stardock if they didn't find a way to throw people off balance. Rather than going the Kickstarter route, the company announced a 'founder program' that lets players pre-order the game getting various bonuses like forum badges (these cost money, who knew!?) and a lifetime subscription to all coming DLC. So if you're willing to fork out 99 bucks, you get... ehm.. what exactly? Oh, an uncertain amount of future DLC for a game that may be worth buying DLC for (we all still remember the Elemental debacle).

That said, I LOVE Galciv and Stardock has done a fantastic job on the first two games. We're keen to get our hands on the new game.