Jagged Alliance: Flashback Kickstarter in need of some TLC

I'll be honest with you, I don't back a lot of Kickstarters. It's not that I dislike the Indie scene or the idea behind Kickstarter, quite the contrary even. Between the two and Steam, PC gaming has been reborn and is showing the traditional gaming industry that they really - have - been wrong all these years about so many things. It's just that I'm very picky about who I back because the length of my "gaming to do list" is out of control.

Full Control, the team behind the Jagged Alliance: Flashback is doing a lot of things right. If you watch their video updates, you realize that they have a very deep understanding of what Jagged Alliance is all about. The mercenaries, the weapons, the gameplay, they just get it and they have not given into the false doctrine that turn-based is old-fashioned.

In the above video, Full Control CEO Thomas Lund had me when he explained the story by saying "If you are thinking A-Team, the good old series, - that - is what Jagged Alliance is about". He is right, and it is perhaps that which is missing most from other efforts to create a new Jagged Alliance game.

If you're interested in backing Jagged Alliance: Flashback, you can do so at Kickstarter.