PC Gaming Alliance formed, questioned

PC Gaming Alliance formed, questioned
The Games for Windows label has hardly had time to mature and already a second attempt to unify PC gaming is being announced. Rumors of the formation of a PC Gaming Alliance reached us well over a week ago. Yesterday, the formation officially introduced itself to the gaming community, seeing this year's GDC as the perfect opportunity for such an announcement.

The announcement itself raises as many questions as it answers but the general idea behind the cooperation of companies such as AMD, Intel, Nvidia and others seems to make a lot of sense. Yet, leave it up to hardware enthusiast site Ars Technica to delve deep into the press release and question some of the good intentions of the alliance, saying:

While the group seems to have a solid grasp of what's wrong with PC gaming, it didn't put forth any compelling ideas about what to do about them. It's also unclear why consumers should trust a group composed of members that have much to gain by presenting only certain kinds of information. While many would argue that XP is, at the moment, the better OS for gaming, would Microsoft allow the PCGA to say so?

Those answers certainly won't come from the nondescript and utterly underwhelming website of the PCGA but that doesn't mean that this initiative has to end up shooting blanks. We'll see how this works out.