New Shadow Warrior 2

A sequel to 2013ís Shadow Warrior has been announced right before E3 week. Developed by Polish studio Flying Wild Hog (wonít be long until video games are Polandís biggest export!), the 2013 version Ė a reboot of 3D Realmsí off-the-wall shooter from the 90s Ė was pretty well received. It also, to some people's genuine dismay, considerably toned down the racial stereotypes. The new sequel, which boasts four player co-op and procedurally created levels, looks as incomprehensibly zany as its predecessor. Iím intrigued by the carnage, even if every cool samurai sequence comes with a terrible penis pun based on a mispronunciation.

You'll no doubt see more of Shadow Warrior 2 at E3. Until then, you can check the cinematic trailer out below.