Thief Gold and Morrowind high-def and spruced up

Whilst big publishers are quickly catching onto the value of High Definition remakes, much of the good work is still done by independent modders. One such example is the final release of this HD texture mod for Looking Glass Studioís original Thief. Free and available for download, modder Bentraxx has put together a video showing off the sharp new textures. Itís more bombast that Iím used to with LGS, but the classic Stealth game looks pretty much as I remember back in the 90ís, which is great. Itís a rose-tinted glasses simulator!

Another PC classic, Morrowind, is currently being done-up and pimped-out within the The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim engine. The mod, dubbed ďSkywindĒ, is attempting to recreate the entirety of the much older game. Watching this new video of starting-village "Seyda Neen" definitely brought back memories. Suddenly I'm back, huddled under some dank bridge on the way to Balmoral. To my mind no other game has quite simulated rain and a dark dreary day as well as Morrowind (something quintessentially British of course). Make sure to check out the new video below!