Blizzard show more of Overwatch

This week Blizzard released two video previews of characters from their upcoming game Overwatch. The team-based FPS, whose close beta is due out later this year, is shaping up to be an interesting addition to the multiplayer online battle arena genre.

The first video shows the robotic monk “Zenyatta”. The ranged support character fires coloured orbs to heal teammates and damage enemies. Whilst I’m unsure about what exactly his ultimate ability “Transcendence” does… I’m sure it’s useful!

The second character revealed is “Mercy”, who seems to be another support class, although more traditionally defensive, wielding a pistol and a healing-beam gun. I’ve never been much of a healer or support class player myself, but it’s nice to know Overwatch is giving players options. So far Blizzard’s newest game looks intriguing, although when it comes to the specific mechanical intricacies and character abilities on display – your guess is as good as mine!