Dota 2's 2015 Compendium

Valve has released this year’s Dota 2 International Compendium. You can buy the Compendium for $9.99, slowly receiving a plethora of exclusive items as community stretch goals are met and different treasures are unlocked. The Compendium can be levelled up by purchasing points, giving you even more items, emoticons, taunts, ability effects etc. There’s even rewards for various challenges too. All in all it’s a completely bonkers consumer-led bonanza. 25% of the Compendium sales go towards one of the year’s biggest and most exciting eSports tournaments: 2015’s The International. The current prize pool is sitting just below $4 million dollars.

You can check out the full details and a list of all the rewards on offer here. The most significant reward, I think, is probably the desert terrain which will unlock at $11 million. It’s nice to get a bit of visual variety every once in a while! For reference, 2014’s Compendium ended just shy of that amount ($10.9 million). Easy peasy.