Play Endless Legend for free this weekend

Endless Legend was our Strategy game of 2014. What’s more, it was a 4X game that managed to be both more beautiful and more creative than Firaxis’ big budget Civilization: Beyond Earth. Those who missed Endless Legend can now try out the game for free – for this weekend only – on Steam. Another of Amplitude’s games, Dungeon of the Endless, also has a free weekend period. The roguelite/tower defence hybrid, whilst different mechanically, works as a prologue to the larger Endless Legend. Both games, as well as Amplitude’s earlier 4X title Endless Space, share a universe.

If you’ve got some free time this weekend make sure to check out Amplitude’s offerings. Steam’s free weekends are great, if only for the fact it allows you play one of the best games of last year for free. It's also a pretty safe bet for Amplitude: when Monday rolls round and everyone's still up at night muttering "just one more turn..."