Pillars of Eternity patch tackles game-breaking bugs

Whilst Obsidian Entertainment’s Pillars of Eternity has released to great critical acclaim, it also became quickly apparent that it was a “classic” Obsidian game in every sense, with one or two massive game-breaking bugs at launch. The most critical bug caused characters to permanently lose their passive abilities when players double-clicked to equip items on already-filled slots. Along with a nasty attribute-increasing exploit, a fairly large early-game quest (the storming of Raedric’s Hold) also bugged out at the end.

Thankfully, Obsidian has just rolled out a patch retroactively fixing many of these problems. The new patch comes alongside plenty of smaller fixes and balance tweaks (Monks have been buffed, Wizard spells are now longer ranged, fast weapons have been improved, Arbalests and a bard spell have been toned down etc). There are also now hats for bears and cats (that’s what it says in the patch notes… this may well be a late April fool’s joke).

You can check the full patch notes out here. Of course, the real question now is – which bugs have been introduced by the new patch?