Interstellar Marines free week

Interstellar Marines, a tactical sci-fi first person shooter currently in Early Access, is having a free week (five days) in order to allow players to try before they buy. Itís a courteous gesture, and probably wise considering the game has been in development for some time now. Interest is going to wane when your game has been on Early Access for almost two years!

On top of an atmospheric tutorial, the game comes with both elimination and survival scenarios as well as two campaign missions which can be played cooperatively. From my short time playing, Interstellar Marines feels a lot like wandering the grey metallic halls of one of Elite: Dangerousí giant space stations. Itís a pretty game in its own minimalistic way, and just walking about can be surprisingly tense. Hearing deep breaths trapped behind the screen of your space marine helmet makes you feel lost in space, even if your feet are still on the ground.

Interstellar Marines is available to download now on Steam. After five days it will be put back on sale, although at a 66% discount. Itís probably worth trying before that happens though! If you're still not convinced, check out the video for the game's latest update below.