Offworld Trading Company is coroporate warfare on Mars

The newly found Mohawk Games, lead by Soren Johnson – lead designer on Civilization IV – has revealed footage of its new game Offworld Trading Company. The colourful looking trade and economy-based RTS game looks like it could be offering something new. Set on the Red Planet, fierce and tense multiplayer games, lasting thirty minutes or so, look to be driven by competing trade companies as opposed to conventional military units.

As well as fighting each other via the free market, you’ll have a few “dirty tricks” up your space suit jacket sleeve. You’ll be able to hire pirates to ambush other players' trade routes, as well as incite mutiny in the oppositions' colonies. There is even shady corporate espionage and things like price fixing. Hopefully Offworld will manage to make its real-time economy as thrill-filled and compelling as real-time space marines versus bugs. Offworld Trading Company will be released on Steam’s Early Access on February, 12. Just in time for Valentine’s?