New Evolve monster: Wraith

Turtle Rock Studios has revealed a third monster for its asymmetrical competitive multiplayer game Evolve. Slipping alongside the already announced bulky bruiser and electrified spellslinger is the new gal: the "Wraith". This new rogueish monstrosity seeds confusion with its stealth, blink and decoy abilities. As well as generally sleuthing about in the dark the Wraith can also pounce on unwary hunters from a great distance, instantly pulling them back to an out of way spot where it can shred them to bits with a set of razor-scythe limbs.

The Wraith looks wildly different from the other two monsters and will likely require the hunters to adapt and come up with a unique approach in order to deal with the creatureís speed and mechanisms for escape. The more I see of Evolve the more Iím reminded of DOTA as opposed to Left 4 Dead; that may not be what we expected, but I donít think itís a bad thing either.

Evolve is due to be released on February 10, 2015. Turtle Rock has also announced a new phase of beta in January where new campaign game type "Evacuation" will be showcased (unfortunately the Wraith will not feature).