Elite: Dangerous' lift-off trailer

Frontier Developments has released the launch trailer for its upcoming space trade/combat simulator Elite: Dangerous. Iím not sure how representative the video actually is; itís completely CGI for one, an odd choice considering the new Elite is one of the most spectacular looking games ever made. Of course all the computer-generated trickery does ramp up the spectacle and help market the game as suitably bombastic. Space trading: f**k yea! Also, check out those skin-tight spacesuits.

Frontier is arguably the last big release of the year, and being a sequel to 1984ís revolutionary galaxy hopper, all of which at the time fitted in 32k of memory, means there are some big expectations at play here. The game launches on the 16th December, although the beta has been accessible for some time now. Time to dust off that olí joystick.