Bioware collab with word-wizards Failbetter Games

Failbetter Games, masters of many weird and macabre words, and the designers behind the fascinating text-based browser game Fallen London, has teamed up with Bioware in order to create Dragon Age: The Last Court. The text-driven project, which has you playing as an eccentric feudal ruler, is set between the events of Dragon Age II and the soon to be released sequel, Dragon Age: Inquisition.

The Last Court will soon appear as part of Bioware’s Dragon Age Keep – a fancy application that will recap the story of Dragon Age through a colourful comic-tapestry, whilst allowing you to renew and carry over choices and decisions made previously into Inquistion. Whilst I’m looking forward to Inquisition, I wouldn’t dream of the extra-curricula activity of delving deeper into Bioware’s dour fantasy “lore” – but Failbetter are ten times as imaginative and wizards of the written word, so this has suddenly become as exciting of a prospect as the new Dragon Age proper. Seriously!