Alone in the Dark creator pitches new survival horror game

Hot on the heels of this year’s biggest survival horror titles, and in the spirit of Halloween, French game designer Frédérick Raynal has announced his return to a genre that he himself helped create. His 1992 game Alone in the Dark had a major influence on Capcom’s own, more well-known, brand of terror.

Raynal and his studio Gloomy Wood has taken to crowd-funding site Ulule in the hope of securing €30,000 to create 2Dark. The horror game will have you wandering several poorly-lit lairs in search of lost children that will need safely ushered away, like an inverted pied piper, from the evil clutches of an insane serial killer. A game of intense challenge, where sound will be key, 2Dark will mix voxel-based characters with “2.5D” backgrounds somewhat reminiscent of Raynal’s other cult classic, Little Big Adventure. The look and feel of 2Dark, like much of Raynal’s previous work, seems to set it apart from the pack, so make sure to check out the game’s Ulule page and watch the video pitch below.