Dungeon of the Endless set to launch

Following in the footsteps of fantasy 4X game Endless Legend, developer Amplitude has announced the release date for its genre-bending cross-over Dungeon of the Endless. The pixel-art roguelite/dungeon-defence game has been part of Steam’s Early Access since late last year. The game also acts as a prequel of sorts to Amplitude’s other games, in that you play crash-landed prisoners on the planet Auriga, prior to its colonisation – or something along those lines!

It’s neat the way all three of Amplitude’s games tie in with one another. Dungeon of the Endless is most definitely a change of pace for the French studio, who have so far only released epic strategy games. Set to launch on October 27, the creative hybrid looks promising. Marking the game’s release date is a short animation/trailer, which you can watch below. Beware the endlessly scrolling credits.