Satellite Reign Pre-Alpha footage

Real-time tactical Cyberpunk game, Satellite Reign, was a big Kickstarter success well over a year ago now. Whilst running round the net/browsing cyberspace today, I noticed that a new video for the game has been released, showing a short, pre-alpha play through of one of the levels. Channeling the ghost of old Bullfrog’s Syndicate series, there's plenty of rain, neon lights and cybernetic attitude on show in Reign's isometric sprawl.

The 9 minute long play through has you sneaking into a police facility, avoiding ever-prevalent surveillance cameras and hacking doors to free one of your captured agents. Once freed, all hell breaks loose, and you get to see some snazzy and well-animated shootouts between your four cybernetically enhanced agents and the law enforcers. The short demo may be lacking in some character options and depth, but you can expect this kind of content to be added later on. At this stage it’s just nice to see a clean and crisp aesthetic alongside some decent AI path-finding and animation. I’ll be keeping a bionic-eye on this one.