Wasteland meets The Banner Saga in BEDLAM

As several high-profile Kickstarter projects are successfully launched, the once unorthodox method of crowd-funding begins to look partially vindicated. Following the success of Stoic’s Nordic RPG, The Banner Saga, which appeared earlier in the year, indie developer Skyshine Games are looking to use the same engine for its own project, BEDLAM. Described as a “post-apocalyptic Roguelike RPG”, the turn-based combat system looks immediately familiar. Skyshine has also named XCOM and FTL as inspirations.

You play as the “Mechanic”, an inventor and the operator of the last known rolling fortress. You manage resources, interact with characters and command a crew in battle as your gargantuan fort moves about the wasteland in search of utopia, salvaging what it can on the way. Skyshine writes on the game's Roguelike-ish challenge, its “permanent consequences” and “one chance, one crew” philosophy. BEDLAM will hopefuly be packed full of randomly generated encounters and discoveries in a similar fashion to the popular space-based FTL.

BEDLAM certainly looks promising; post-apocalyptic settings are of course eternally cool, it has vivid cartoon flare, and turn-based combat and Roguelike elements are definitely in vogue. BEDLAM is on Kickstarter now and looking to salvage $130,000. Make sure to check out the video below.