Ghost Song wants to say a lot with little

Matt Whites Metroidvania game Ghost Song continues to intrigue with its mix of lonely moon exploration and dark, majestic tone. Freed from the shackles of Adobe Flash, the 2D, Dark Souls inspired, action adventure looks better than ever, with the most recent gameplay video showcasing some of the deeply odd NPC interaction as well as a larger boss creature.

The atmosphere of Ghost Song is what excites me most. There aren't elaborate cut-scenes or sprawling dialogue trees, but it still seems to evoke a lot of emotion. Your armed warrior appears dwarfed and insignificant in the face of the great reverberating halls and corridors of the ancient biomechanical environment. Its clear that the game has grown considerably in detail and ambition since it was successfully Kickstarted back in 2013, and I only hope that the various action and platforming mechanisms turn out to be a solid foundation for the somber and sublime sci-fi aesthetic. Make sure to check out the sights and sounds of Ghost Song in the video below!