Gigantic alpha footage shown at PAX Prime

Gigantic is a free to play action game where teams of five heroes face off against one another alongside a Shadow of the Colossus-style guardian. That isn’t the only big thing about Gigantic; it’s being developed by super-indie Motiga, who have a massive 65 employees. The project is also being led by the former lead designer of two huge games, James Phinney, of StarCraft and Guild Wars fame.

With $20 million in backing, Gigantic is an ambitious twist on popular multiplayer online battle arena games like League of Legends and Dota2. The main objective of Gigantic is for your team to take down the enemy’s guardian, but Motiga promises there’ll also be plenty of opportunities for individual heroics “whether you’re rescuing an ally, sneaking behind enemy lines, or facing off solo against a towering guardian”. As well as building up your hero, kills and experience will charge up your guardian’s attack, turning the game into a tug of war where players either rush to defend vulnerable guardians, or join in on their own collosus’ attack.

Levels, abilities, plenty of characters and a colourful fantasy world – Gigantic certainly sounds familiar. However, if anything will disrupt the usual pace of a MOBA it would be towering behemoths. There are no creeps, quite a few maps, and like Hi-Rez’s Smite, the game takes place from a closer 3rd-person perspective. You can watch a giant owl and eastern dragon fight it out in alpha footage of Gigantic below.

Motiga plans to release Gigantic on the PC sometime in 2015.