Dragon Age: Inquisition adds cooperative multiplayer

Bioware has thrown us all a fiery curveball by announcing a multiplayer mode for its upcoming RPG, Dragon Age: Inquisition. Much like Mass Effect 3, the mode will be a co-operative affair where up to four players get together and fight a variety of foes. However, unlike Mass Effect, it seems to be less of a “horde mode” where you fight off waves of enemies in an arena, and more of a “dungeon crawl”. Bioware has said that each level will be made up of a combination of five (out of a pool of ten) areas. It’s not massive procedural generation, but it does sound like there’ll be some variance to each linear adventure.

The multiplayer sounds as if it will have plenty of loot and levelling up, although you’ll be playing characters separate from the singleplayer campaign. The action will also take place entirely from Bioware’s “preferred” 3rd person perspective. If there’s one thing to be apprehensive about, it’s if the combat in the multiplayer is entirely geared towards non-stop 3rd person action, how comprehensive and well-implemented can the optional tactical perspective in the singleplayer campaign really be?

You can view footage of Dragon Age's new multiplayer mode in IGN's video below.