Easy Dead Island XP Exploit

Feeling XP hungry at the beginning of Dead Island? Well we can satisfy that hunger. After playing the game for no more than 30 minutes we've discovered one of the first XP glitches in the game, and probably the first you can come across. It's super easy to do so just follow these steps.

During the prologue you're in an elevator and it falls down the shaft. You have to crouch to get out and then make your way back inside the hotel lobby. You're lead down the right corridor but when you get close to some infected the doors behind you open and you are told to hurry to the maintenance room because there are three infected chasing you.

If you follow instructions the game cuts off and you watch a video where your character is attacked but saved by some civilians. Instead you need to run down the hall and into a room on the left. One door is open but a lurker blocks your way. The other door you have to open so make sure you have enough time to open it without taking damage. Once inside the room hurry to the bed and jump on it. You can see from the video that the infected seem to just forget you're there and eventually they'll walk away. Notice how they're level 50 which probably means even if you tried to fight them, you'd die. Wrong!

Once on either of the beds in the open rooms start to use your characters kick (LB/L1) which uses no stamina. It'll take a while but you are able to kick them to death gaining a huge amount of XP considering you're so early in the game. Be careful though, you don't have much health so a handful of blows to your character will result in death. Make sure you kick the enemies back to try and avoid getting hit.

There are three infected to kill before you try and kill the lurker at the door. Jumping off the bed usually triggers the infected to run into the room (if they're not already there) but if not edge forward or flash your flashlight on and off. Once the main three are killed you can kill the lurker at the door (he's a low level so it'll only take a few kicks). You can then go out and try and lure in the infected from the lobby. Make sure they follow you to the bedroom and then repeat the process until you've killed all the infected or you're bored of kicking.

Hope this helps start your Dead Island journey a little easier. ^-^