Battlefield 3 64 Player Server Rental Priced At Over $1000

Many Battlefield players were ecstatic with the news that Battlefield 3 would allow for players to rent server space for up to 64 players, but they may not be so ecstatic about the price tag.

As was the case with Bad Company 2, anyone interested can rent dedicated server space for Battlefield 3. A fairly decent price for a 32 player Bad Company 2 server was around £25 a month, so that is about £300 a year. MultiplayGameServers have now announced a price for the 64 player Battlefield 3 servers, and you better brace yourself:

£768.00 or $1144.32 a year!!!

The advantage of renting this dedicated server space is that it means there is not host advantage and generally means a better performance and connection for all. But that price is substantial. The more popular service, are yet to announce their prices, with pre-orders being available from September 19th. We fear that the price may be very similar.

It may be a big price to pay for those epic 64 player matches on dedicated servers, but it is a price that we are sure many are willing to pay. Although clicking the 'Pay Now' button may be a bit harder than usual. Battlefield 3 will be released on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 on October 25th 2011. We'll see you online.