Skyrim Raw Gameplay Footage, As Good As You Hoped?

Most of the gameplay footage for Skyrim has had developer commentaries or an epic soundtrack over it, now a new video showcases Skyrim in its raw state. We notice a few problems with the physics at least.

At last! The video below shows Skyrim with in-game audio only, which allows us to get a proper look at the game. Now of course, this is not the game in it's final state, so it is wrong to write any criticism down in blood. However, this is surely a showcase of the final state of the game, why else would it be shown to be representative of the game? It is looking rather amazing in the majority, but the horse and in particular the giant falling from the sky are not quite right.

Still, that brave soul fighting the dragon is rather hilarious:

Man: "Come on you monster!"
Dragon: NOM NOM NOM.

Is it looking as good as you were hoping? Let us know below.