Bach: Battlefield 3 is "not a press X to win" type of game

Patrick Bach, executive producer at DICE, has stated that Battlefield 3 will empower players to control all aspects of the battlefield, rather than following Call of Duty's method of using air support.

During a video interview with, Patrick Bach was asked what kind of extra support will be given to players, as, for instance, Call of Duty uses a perk system and allows players to call in air support. The response Bach gave was an emphasis on empowering the player and not stripping them of elements such as Commander Mode as was present in Battlefield 2. His explanation is that instead of removing Commander Mode completely, that have passed the options and therefore the power of the commander, down to the players on the battlefield itself.

He then goes on to make a slight comparison between Call of Duty's and Battlefield's method of using various vehicles and air support, saying that Battlefield 3 is "not a press X to win type of gameplay". The implications of this subtle dig is that Call of Duty caters to a more basic game style that can often be exploited without much need for skill. Modern Warfare 2 is notorious for its overpowered air support such as the chopper gunner and Pavelow, coming off the back of that, we wonder how Modern Ware 3 will shape up. The air support should hopefully feel more balanced if they keep to their word and return to a more Call of Duty 4 approach to air support. Regardless, we cannot wait to play Battlefield 3 and cruise around in a jet - compare that to MW2's Harrier strike and you can understand Bach's point.

You can watch the whole interview on Vimeo.