StarCraft Universe Official Trailer Released

A mod for StarCraft II that turns the RTS into an MMO has received an official trailer today. Kiss goodbye to your lives.

The mod developers wanted to create an MMO experience that was comparable to World of Warcraft, although they have admitted it will not quite be to the same scale. Fortunately for anticipating fans and the modders, Blizzard have given the project their blessings, so there really is no stopping it now.

The developers say the following alongside with the release of the trailer:

Since 1999, Blizzard fans have dreamed about what it would be like to play a StarCraft MMO. I was one of these fans and our dreams are slowly becoming a reality. Though StarCraft Universe will not be a full scale MMO, it takes the team oriented raiding style of World of Warcraft and combines it with many slasher action RPG elements of Diablo.

We are working hard to have this mod for Starcraft II meet the eyes of the public as soon as we can.. but until then visit our website at to find out more information!