New Info On Team Fortress 2 "Uber Update"

The official Team Fortress 2 website has been updated with new details on the upcoming "Uber Update", which is by far the “biggest, most ambitious” content update for Team Fortress 2 ever!

The site update reveals just day one if the update, and this has been appropriately title 'Mobster Monday'. Yes, that is a tie with a mafia you guys. Calm down.

First up are new items for the Spy and Heavy classes. The heavy gets above all, a silent spin up on the mini gun, and extra rounds in the shotgun.

The spy receives extra damage to the revolver, and extra cloak on kill with the knife.

New Info On Team Fortress 2 'Uber Update'

Next up is a new payload map! it is called Barnblitz and is apparently "the barn capitol of the world"...okay Valve, whatever you say.

New Info On Team Fortress 2 'Uber Update'

Lastly, a new "Meet the" Medic video has been announced, but will not be revealed until the update goes live on Thursday, June 23rd. Expect more info on the update over the next couple of days; this will more than likely be new items for the classes, and hopefully more surprises.

Oh, and I almost forgot! Valve have given us all a pleasant surprise by making Team Fortress 2 free for a whole week. If you haven't purchased the game on Steam yet, or no someone who hasn't, now is the time to download it all for free! Go, go, go!

For more info, hop over to the official Team Fortress 2 website.