Rumor: Leaked Details of Sony E3 2011 Lineup

A French Sony employee has leaked some details regarding what Sony has in store at E3 this year. Following are rumors about the NGP, Metal Gear, a possible interest from Bungie, and plenty more.

Before we go into the rest of the details, please be aware that these are only rumors. However, it has been reported by members of the forum that the user who has revealed these details also leaked details for E3 2009 that matched up exactly with what was revealed that year.

UPDATE: The user on the forums known as 0_0_0 seems to be legitimate and has definitely provided leaked details previously. After much digging, I found their previous leaks on E3 2009 from 21/05/09. Check them out yourself: CLICK HERE

Here is a shot of the summary of the rumors, translated from the French forum:
Rumor: Leaked Details of Sony E3 2011 Lineup

Here is our summary:

- Sony will confirm the official name, pricing and release date of the NGP
- There will be 7 first party titles revealed for the NGP
- Hideo Kojima's NGP project likely to be Peace Walker
- The Wipeout engine has been perfectly ported over to the NGP and you can expect the release of the game in the first quarter of the NGP's launch
- Chance of another Metal Gear game on its way in the future

- There are 37 titles in the working for Sony platforms, but most will not be revealed until a European event (likely Gamescom)
- Sony will reveal titles that will not be available until Christmas 2012 at E3
- Santa Monica Studios will be on board, but don't expect much more information about the title (potentially next God of War title)

- A sequel to Warhawk will be revealed before E3
- 2 PS3 exclusives won't be presented at E3 but will be available before the end of the year in Europe
- Twisted Metal, Resistance 3, Uncharted 3 and The Last Guardian will be playable at E3

- Polyphony Digital are returning with a new title before March 2012
- Polyphony would like to make Europe a privilege for its next title. "Please don't underestimate their work even if they deceived some of you."

- A Rockstar game, probably GTA V, could be released before Agent was planned to be

- A third party title is in a "big battle" with Sony. The developers seem to be Bungie, so the game would be their next project with Activision.

Lastly, the employee says this:
We've been shown Uncharted 3 demo quickly in a little clip internally. And it was super cool. The playable scene was as surprising as the Uncharted 2 sequence presented few years ago at E3. it's really stylish. Some people will say it's like Uncharted 2.5 but I loved it.

Again, these are rumors but come from a source who has been reliable beforehand. Make of them what you will.