Party With Duke Nukem And Play Forever In Vegas!

Probably the best party of all time is now accepting entries. If you can get to Las Vegas on Monday 7th February, and are over 21 years old you can party with the Duke himself, and even play Duke Nukem Forever! One question though, do you have any objections to naked women or alcohol? No. Come on in!

Gearbox have given full details of the Duke Nukem party, but not all who apply will be able to go, this is a prize contest.

To enter, you need to fill out the necessary details at their website, which includes a 100 word essay that states why you should win the opportunity to go to the party.

Only the best of the best will go through as the selection process is based on creativity and knowledge of Duke Nukem and the Duke Nukem universe.

The lucky winners will receive the following:

Prize: Selected winners will receive: two VIP tickets to the exclusive Duke Nukem Vegas Press Party to be held at Duke Nukem's Titty City in Las Vegas on Monday, February, 7, 2011 at 9:00 PM local time. Exact address will be emailed to winners. The total value of each prize is estimated at not to exceed US$300.00. All travel to and from the Party and all other costs, other than the VIP entrance to the Party, are the sole responsibility of the winner.
Sounds good doesn't it?

The full disclosure states that the winner can expect a full Duke Nukem experience, including all the naughty stuff:

The Duke Nukem Press Party in Las Vegas is designed to provide a portrayal of the up-coming Duke Nukem Forever videogame (the "Game"). The Duke Nukem Press Party in Las Vegas is a portrayal of elements from the Game that contains alcohol use, female nudity, and adult content.
So what you waiting for? Get over there and apply!