Fallout 4 to blame for drops in traffic to Pornhub

Pornhub Insights (a website I just found out existed thirty minutes ago) has stated that Fallout 4, the latest installment in the much beloved Bethesda Fallout series, has caused a traffic fall as high as 10% and Pornhub statisticians (I just learned that is a real thing 30 minutes ago too) have charted out the porn viewing habits of a person based on the kind of video game that they play. Now they figure out the kind of games one is more inclined to play based off of google searches and web browsing habits using a nifty little thing called Google Analytics and something called "affinity data". As the largest porn website in the world, it makes sense that Pornhub would have a team of people monitoring website traffic and take any overnight drop in viewer numbers very seriously. But for the life of me, I can not picture those staff meetings with any actual seriousness.