The growing subgenre of episodic games

With the stunning conclusions of both Life is Strange and Tales from the Borderlands taking place in the same week, arguably two of the greatest choice/narrative driven episodic games out there today, many fans of the subgenre are left wondering what is going to happen next.

The basics behind these games is that player choices matter more so than that of other kinds of games, even of the RPG variety as more time is spent fleshing out the characters, getting to know them and understanding their motives and fears. The episodic format has something to offer most players at a low price.

AAA games require a lot of time and investment from the start, costing fifty to sixty dollars when it hits the shelves in a store near you. That's a lot of money to spend on something you might end up hating or worse, not playing. An episode of Life Is Strange or Wolf Among Us will take up a single evening to finish and set you back roughly the price of a subway sandwich. I fully expect there to be more games such as Life is Strange in the near future as people begin to get more interested in the genre and more developers begin to dabble in it.