Star Wars Battlefront trailer reveals free Jabba missions

Publisher Electronic Arts has teased some upcoming free content for Star Wars Battlefront.

Embedded below is a short YouTube video promoting Battlefront's latest free update. The video teases what seems to be a new gamemode along with new maps. As well as this, halfway through this clip an in-game image of Jabba The Hutt appears along with the text "coming soon: Hutt Contacts".

Jabba is well known for being one of the most powerful crime lords within the Star Wars universe. Hiring smugglers such as Han Solo and bounty hunters like Boba Fett; it makes sense that he would have contracts for players to complete and receive rewards.

The two weapons shown were the DL-18 that featured a few times during the trailer and an unfamiliar sniper rifle.

Back in January, EA shared off their plan for Battlefront's DLC and free update release dates. The Outer Rim expansion pack will see players "battle within Jabba the Hutt's palace on Tatooine". This suggests that we can expect to see the contracts come around the same time (March).

Star Wars Battlefront launched back in November, you can read our full review here.